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Hey there, my name is Jenna Curran and I am currently a first year student at the University of Ottawa in the Telfer School of Management. My future goal is to become a Chartered Accountant. When I'm not busy studying for all of my classes, I play soccer and work at a local movie theater. I also have a serious passion for primetime television, whenever the time permits.

My wiki is dedicated to my favorite television show and guilty pleasure: Grey's anatomy. I have included some personal thoughts on the show as well as a short write up on some of my favorite characters and a list of the various awards won by the show.
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This wiki contains SPOILERS. Navigate at your own risk .


1) Grey's Anatomy
2) Meredith Grey
3) Cristina Yang
4) Miranda Bailey
5) Awards

Grey's Anatomy Season 1 Promo

For all of you that aren't familiar with the show and are interested in figuring it out what it's all about, check out the video below to see how it all begins !

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