Favorite quote: "I think you're either born simple, or you're born me"
Played by: Sandra Oh

Oh Cristina ! I think she's probably my favorite character on the show right now. She's competitive, ruthless and untrusting of pretty much everyone besides Meredith. She's currently married to Owen Hunt, but their relationship has been strained since she aborted their child. Owen put on a brave and supportive face for a while but in the January 19th episode, he blew up at Cristina about the abortion
Cristina and Owen in happier times

all over again. Cristina aborted the child because she felt she wasn't ready to be a mother, and wants to focus on her career in cardiothoracic's. Unfortunately, it breaks Owen's heart to see her around kids and think of what could have been. Personally, I preferred her relationship with Preston Burke. They were both so driven together and I was sad to see it end.

As mentioned before, Meredith and Cristina are best friends. She's was also close to George O'Malley, before he was killed, though she often picked on him calling him "Bambi" and "007". They bonded when George's dad died and she welcomed him into the dead dad's club; it was learnt that her father had died when she was 9 years old. She finished first in her class at Stanford and I would love to see her become Chief one day. One of the most frustrating moments on the show was when April Kepner was selected to be chief resident over Cristina. Really, Kepner ?!

My predictions are that Owen and Cristina are on their way out, their marriage isn't able to handle the extra stress created with Cristina's loyalty to Teddy and anger over the whole Henry situation. I think Cristina needs to find herself a man that is just as driven as she is, and understands her commitment to her job !

Check out Owen and Cristina's EXPLOSIVE fight below